“Our names are Harry and Daniel. We are seven and five, and love dogs and playing outside. We’re looking for a forever family. Please adopt us.”


Could you provide love and security to a sibling group, older child or child with additional needs?

Family For Me is an innovative project designed to find adoptive families for specific children who have been waiting for a for a long time to find a permanent family of their own.

The Family for Me project reaches out to people who have not yet considered adoption as a way of growing their family, and who are not currently approved as adopters. These might be people who have birth children who are growing up, or who have experienced looking after children with additional needs but have not previously considered giving a child a permanent home… could this be you?

These children are waiting.

Could you be their forever family?

Meet Kevin

Kevin is a charismatic, smart little seven year old. His lovely thick dark hair and long eyelashes are characteristic of his Eastern European heritage. Although Kevin’s communication through speech is limited he has started to shout our names of people he likes! His facial expressions and eye movement play an important role in communicating with others. Whether that is to be bossy, to play, or laugh, his personality shines through.

Meet Olivia

Olivia is our beautiful, inquisitive little 2-year-old. When you first meet Olivia, you are drawn to her cheeky personality and amazing smiley face. Olivia is a people person, and loves to be around others and watch her surroundings. She likes playing with toys that make noises, pop up and those with bright colours. She also loves listening to music. Olivia can move about the room and loves to explore.

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