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Adopting an Older Child (School Age)

The majority of people considering adoption are childless couples who tend to be looking for a baby or very young child. The children who are placed the quickest are the single (not sibling groups), youngest children.

Many children who are looking for an adoptive family are not babies or toddlers, but school-age children (5 years and up) who may have lived for some years with one or both of their parents a family member, or they may have had to move in and out of Local Authority foster homes. The sad reality is that as children get older it becomes increasingly difficult to find adoptive families for them.

Some of these children will have suffered neglect or abuse and all have had the trauma of being separated from their birth families. The damage caused by chaotic or difficult early experiences can last for a long time. Children learn not to rely on adults who are going to disappear from their lives, so they may find it difficult to become attached to a new family and act up in an effort to get the attention they have been missing.

However, in a loving, secure home most of these children can thrive when they realise that they really are part of a family.

Adopting an older child is not an easy task but with preparation and patience you can change their world forever and will be a deeply rewarding experience.

Family for Me is currently looking to place a number of older children with loving, secure families. Click below to view profiles of some of the children who are waiting…

Our children

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Meet Olivia, our beautiful, inquisitive little 2-year-old.

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