My Brother, my Friend?

Kieron aged 4 and his little brother Max aged 18 months are half-brothers who have a strong relationship. They have lived together since Max’s birth.

They are used to a busy household where various generations of the foster carers’ family visit regularly. The foster carer talks proudly as to how they get on with everyone!


Kieron is described by his carers as bright, lively and inquisitive.

They talk of how special it has been to be part of his development since coming into care. Kieron experienced neglect within his birth family, meaning that when he came into care aged 2 and a half he had no speech, this is improving daily due to the positive care and interaction he is receiving both at home with his foster carer and at nursery.

Nursery describes him as a social able little boy, who easily makes friends with other children, but who also thrives on adult interaction.

Kieron enjoys imaginative play and being read too. His favourite day includes an adventure in local woods and lots of yummy food. Kieron loves fruit and will choose it as a treat!

It is clear that Kieron enjoys being a big brother and seems to appreciate the age difference, when Max was younger he could often be found crawling around the floor with him trying to teach him words and new games.


Max has been in foster care with his brother since 3months old. Max is a gorgeous little boy of dual heritage (White British /Black Caribbean); however his complexion is very light.

Whilst it is thought that he experienced neglect during these firsts 3 months, he has been given the opportunity to develop strong and loving attachments with his brother, foster carer and their family ever since.

Max is a bright little boy whose development is age appropriate. Like his brother he loves his food- again particularly fruit!

He has a cheeky and engaging personality.

Could you be a family for Kieron and Max?

Their carer’s describe them as being a delight to care for, stating that they are just like any other brothers of their age – Max looks up to Kieron and they love to play together!

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