A small voice with a big personality

Kaitlin is a happy, sweet child who engages all who meet her. Kaitlin is calm and contented; she enjoys listening to what goes on around her. Kaitlin has an easy going temperament, rarely cries and appears to get huge enjoyment from the simple pleasures in life. She responds with lots of smiles and noises to interaction of all kinds. Kaitlin has an infectious laugh and babbles happily with everyone. Kaitlin gets excited when nursery rhymes are sung to her; she loves all sensory experiences including lights, musical sounds, different voices and touch. She also loves swimming..

Caring for Kaitlin

Kaitlin has some disability and health needs that will impact on her throughout her life. She experienced severe neglect and due to this a complete failure to thrive in the first year of her life. However, Kaitlin is making wonderful developmental progress since being placed in a nurturing family home.

Kaitlin may have mobility and feeding difficulties in the long term although it is too early to say. At present Kaitlin has no speech, however her cheeky personality speaks volumes.

Kaitlin will need extra help from a number of people throughout her life; however this doesn’t prevent her being a happy and contented child. Kaitlin’s carers have experienced great pleasure and reward in seeing how their care has supported her in making some excellent developmental progress.

Kaitlin’s foster carer says she is a gorgeous bundle of fun, has smiles for everyone and is a delight to look after.

Could you be a family for Kaitlin?

Kaitlin will need a family who will love and support her to develop her full potential, with the ability to take on a level of uncertainty about what that potential might be.

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