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Connor was born full term, however required a period in hospital due to exposure to his mother’s drug use during pregnancy. Despite this Connor is meeting all of his developmental milestones. Prior to his first birthday he was able to pull himself up to standing and take a few steps! He greets people with a smile and is able to wave goodbye to them. Connor is making good attachments to his care givers, who he has been with since July 2013. Whilst in this placement, Connor has experienced consistent and loving care which has allowed him to develop greatly in all areas. He is described as a relaxed and happy baby.

Caring for Connor

Connor loves his food and eats a good varied diet. He loves to play and is very sociable. He has an inquisitive personality and is very aware of his surroundings. He loves to explore his environment and will climb on furniture to get a good view out of the window! He also enjoys music and dancing. His foster carers describe him as a real water baby; he attends swimming lessons and enjoys bath time.

Connor also has a quieter side; he loves cuddles, music and being read to.

Connor has a complicated health history and will require some intensive treatment at around 3 years old. This will mean a commitment to attend with consultants and hospital appointments in. However, his health needs are being met well by his current carers and there are many positives for Connor from the medical professional’s involved.

Could you be a family for Connor?

Connor needs a family who will be able to understand and commit to what his health needs mean for him and for those caring for him.

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