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Meet Zachary

Zachary is a very kind, friendly, boy who clearly loves his little brother Samuel. With his blue eyes and big smile Zachary has a love of the outdoors and is very active. He is a very confident bike and scooter rider, enjoys football, parks, muddy walks and visiting the Zoo. At home he enjoys playing with Lego, play doh and absolutely loves anything Dinosaurs! Zachary is a happy, relaxed, and helpful little boy who thrives on one-to-one attention. He enjoys going to school and has a good relationship with his teachers. Zachary is a good sleeper and likes Twinkle Twinkle little star to be sung to him before saying goodnight. He also loves his food!

Meet Samuel
Samuel is the younger brother to Zachary, and they share a lovely bond although they both enjoy 1:1 time too. Samuel is a very sweet, caring and loving little boy who loves cuddles. He is also a little funny chatterbox. Samuel has a fantastic imagination. He is very creative enjoying Lego, arts and crafts, Play doh, and building bricks. He likes to play games and his favourite toys are transformers. Samuel also has a passion for being outdoors particularly the Zoo and parks. Samuel loves to walk and will use his imagination and turn every walk into an adventure. Samuel is a happy and content boy who is very affectionate. He attends a mainstream school which he enjoys and is making good progress. Samuel particularly enjoys story time before he goes to bed.

My Health Needs
Zachary and Samuel have experienced neglect in their earlier lives and need a family who can consistently meet their needs and keep them safe. Zachary attends a specialist school and has an EHCP in place which is focused on his cognitive and emotional development. He will continue to benefit from an individualised programme of support to further develop his speech, language and communication skills, learning skills and emotional development and will continue to see a language and speech therapist.
My Family Needs
Zachary and Samuel need a stable and nurturing family to thrive. They need to be with a family who can continue to support and encourage their identities and self-esteem both now and as they get older. Could you be a family for Zachary and Samuel?
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