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Meet our smiley, confident, little 4 -year-old Stephen.

With his brown eyes and brown hair, Stephen has a beautiful smile which illuminates his face whenever you see him. He is confident and friendly and likes cuddles; he can be very affectionate with those with whom he feels safe.

Stephen prefers to stay away from loud outdoor spaces and enjoys being indoors watching cartoons; giggling enthusiastically when watching Alvin and the Chipmunks. Stephen likes anything with wheels and anything with buttons. If it lights up and makes a sound – he loves it!
Stephen thrives on consistent routine and predictability.
Stephen enjoys the sensation of his head being rubbed. He likes his bare feet; the feel of grass and he loves being tickled this comes from his sensory need.

My Health Needs
Stephen has global developmental delay with a full diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder and some speech and language delay; his developmental age is currently 18-20 months. Stephen remains reliant on his carers to meet his self-care needs. Stephen is non-verbal therefore carers need to be able to predict and meet all of his needs. Stephen is starting to learn some very basic Makaton and has made some progress in foster care, such as with his fine motor skills and locomotive skills. Stephen needs constant supervision and he is likely to need lifelong support in his communication and interaction skills.
My Family Needs
Stephen deserves to live in a stable home environment where he can feel safe and secure. He deserves a family who can provide consistent and ongoing care. Due to needing undivided attention he ideally should be the only child in the household however he could be placed in a home with teenagers/adult children. Stephen needs a family who can meet his needs holistically, safeguard him from harm and provide him with opportunities to continue to develop and grow so that he can meet his full potential. Could you be a family for Stephen?
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