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About Me
Olivia is our beautiful, inquisitive little 2-year-old. When you first meet Olivia, you are drawn to her cheeky personality and amazing smiley face. Olivia is a people person, and loves to be around others and watch her surroundings. She likes playing with toys that make noises, pop up and those with bright colours. She also loves listening to music. Olivia can move about the room and loves to explore. She also loves pushing her dolly's in her walker pram and is currently learning to post shapes. Olivia particularly enjoys playing with her favourite teddies. She also enjoys singing and she has recently started signing a couple of words and tries her best to make sounds. Olivia loves the bath and will kick her legs in glee. Olivia’s birth family were unable to care for her significant and complex needs. She is thriving with her foster carers but now needs and deserves a family of her own so she can reach her full potential.
My Health Needs
Olivia was born with an array of complex health needs. She also has a duplication on one of her chromosomes. At present Olivia’s needs are evolving with many unknown; she will need continued support and care through her life. Olivia was born with a cleft lip and palate which means she does not consume anything orally and her tummy has been tied so she cannot be sick. She also suffers with very excessive saliva which can lead to breathing issues, which she needs essential support with. All food and medicine enter directly into Olivia’s tummy via a button, much of which is given to her whilst she is sleeping. Olivia’s hearing is below average, so she may require a hearing aid as she grows older. She also has a bifid thumb which means that she has a ‘double thumb’ on one hand, with a potential need for surgery. Olivia has cervical spinal abnormalities. This means that the top of her spine hasn’t properly developed, due to this she appears to have ‘no chin’ and has a shortened neck. It is also currently unclear if Olivia will ever be able to walk independently. Olivia has a very close bond with her current foster carer and enjoys positive interaction and relationships with all family members both children and adults.
My Family Needs
Olivia needs a family who are fully committed to meet her health needs. They would need to be able to welcome health professionals for ongoing treatment and will require a home setting which will be suitable for her care. Could you be a family for Olivia?
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