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Meet our gorgeous, smiley little 2 -year-old Leon.

With his light brown hair and dark brown eyes Leon is a kind, content and happy little boy whose beaming smile and laughter is infectious. He is very affectionate and cuddly and loves to interact and be around others.

Leon loves nursery rhymes, story time, playing with his toys, particularly musical flashing toys, going out and about, and he absolutely loves Mr Tumble! Leon is very tactile and loves human touch. He likes to touch your face and different fabrics interest him however he also has some sensory issues around certain surfaces.

Leon loves a routine and is a good sleeper (sleeping through 12 hours a night). He enjoys food and gets excited at mealtimes. Leon has recently started attending nursery and this is going well.

My Health Needs
Leon was not able to stay with his birth family, but is thriving with his foster carers. He now needs and deserves a family of his own so he can reach his full potential. Leon has significant developmental delay which means he is dependent on his carers to meet his needs, and requires physical support. He has a weakness of his muscles which makes it difficult for him to progress with many of his skills especially his mobility. However, he is being encouraged by his foster carers and is now crawling. Leon is developing his core strength to sit, and kneel whilst playing and leaning forward for toys exploring them using both hands. With some uncertainty about his future needs, Leon will continue to have support from physiotherapy, speech and language therapy and occupational therapy. In the future Leon will require support in nursery and school.
My Family Needs
Due to Leon's complex needs, a two-parent couple with no other children is preferred. However, single adopters and families with children will be considered with the relevant skills and experience. He will need to be with a family who can continue to support and encourage his development. Could you be a family for Leon?
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