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Kevin is a charismatic, smart little seven year old. His lovely thick dark hair and long eyelashes are characteristic of his Eastern European heritage. Although Kevin’s communication through speech is limited he has started to shout our names of people he likes! His facial expressions and eye movement play an important role in communicating with others. Whether that is to be bossy, to play, laugh or giggle, his personality shines through. Kevin is happy and settled. He has a wonderful sense of humour and his contagious smile dominates a room and those around him. He is very sociable and loves company, often joining in routines where he can socialise with others, like at the dinner table. He likes jokes and silliness. He has a really chilled out, fun, content personality and is not difficult to care for. He can get fed up but he is rarely glum for long. He makes his own choices and he always tries new things. He can build strong bonds and has special, favourite people. Listening to music, singing and watching films are some of his favourite things to do. His favourite film is Mary Poppins enjoying the London accents! More recently he has found a love of football, listening, watching and occasionally headers a soft ball. Kevin has been spending time in the kitchen and helping out in the garden watering the plants. Kevin’s birth family were unable to care for his complex needs. He is thriving in a residential placement but now needs and deserves a family of his own.
My Health Needs
Kevin was born with a complex neuro-disability with no underlying cause. As a result he has very little physical ability and has abnormal muscle tone, microcephaly and is registered visually impaired. His hearing is good as is his sense of smell and touch. He uses a wheelchair, and a seat for either bathing or showering. He also has a sleep system to maintain a safe posture at night. He cannot stand, or sit unaided but has a standing frame. He needs help with all aspects of his intimate care, such as washing, toileting, teeth brushing, and nail and hair care. He is unlikely to be able to learn these skills. While Kevin is small for his age he continues to grow well and meet his childhood milestones. He needs a smoke-free atmosphere to protect his lungs. Kevin currently attends school 2 days per week and loves it. During COVID he coped well and completed all homework he was assigned. He is currently learning on-body signing too.
My Family Needs
Kevin needs a family who will be able to understand and commit to what his complex health needs mean for him and for those caring for him. He needs a family who can recognise that he has a lot to give and to be in a family where he can be the centre of their world. He is strong and adaptable but needs a family for good. He will be supported to attend a local school and to be the very best he can be. He is a strong, resilient little boy and gives his all to everything he does. Could you be a family for Kevin?
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