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Meet our happy, inquisitive, friendly little 2 -year-old, Kailen.
With his brown eyes and beautiful smile, Kailen is a warm and calm little boy who loves to laugh and giggle. Kailen loves kisses and cuddles.
Kailen enjoys playing with interactive toys that make sounds such as his jack in the box toy. He particularly enjoys a teddy bear that reacts with a range of sounds when he presses the numbers. Kailen also likes being read to and loves music, singing and bopping along to the rhythm.
If it is warm, he enjoys playing in the garden, blowing bubbles and kicking a football.
Kailen likes to watch his favourite TV shows which include T and Mo, the Teletubbies, Something Special programme and the Bluey programme. He enjoys having a bath and playing with his toy shark that swims.

My Health Needs
Kailen was born two months premature. He has some additional health needs and his development is delayed in some areas. Kailen has a speech and language delay. He is not saying words verbally but uses actions and sounds to make others understand him. He continues to make good progress with a speech therapist and his foster carer. His carer says he is a delightful and loving young person. Kailen enjoys having a consistent routine and will settle to new experiences with support. He has a good bedtime routine and sleeps well; rarely waking up during the night. Kailen really enjoys attending nursery three mornings a week where he enjoys the sensory room and book corner. He plays well with other children.
My Family Needs
Kailen needs a family who can continue to support his development and provide him with a loving and calm environment. He needs a family who can stimulate his play and communication, prioritising his needs. Ideally, we are looking for a two-parent family or a single adopter that can reflect or promote Kailen’s identity. Could you be a family for Kailen?
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