Could You Support And Love A Child With Additional Needs?


Children with Additional Needs for Adoption

Around 40% of children waiting for an adoptive family have an impairment or some form of additional need or disability.

If you think about a child with additonal needs, what comes to mind? Is it a picture of difficulties and obstacles? Do you imagine that you will not be able to cope if caring for a disabled child, that it will be too difficult, too much of a commitment? You might envisage frequent medical appointments, complicated care arrangements, or a child unable to play or communicate with you. All of these things can seem quite daunting and may perhaps frighten people off from considering caring for a disabled child. For many people, disability can carry an overwhelming label, which obscures the actual child within. Many parents of a child with a disability would agree that the special bond between you really makes you appreciate the small things; making each personal achievement of the child an amazing milestone.

We can offer support to enhance parenting to meet a child’s individual needs. We work closely with Local Authorities and health professionals to help assess the social, emotional and physical needs of each child, ensuring that our families are aware of their entitlements and services available to them to meet their child’s needs.

Family for Me is currently looking to place a number of children with additional needs with loving, secure families. 

These children are waiting.

Meet Kevin

Kevin is a charismatic, smart little seven year old. His lovely thick dark hair and long eyelashes are characteristic of his Eastern European heritage. Although Kevin’s communication through speech is limited he has started to shout our names of people he likes! His facial expressions and eye movement play an important role in communicating with others. Whether that is to be bossy, to play, or laugh, his personality shines through.

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