The children listed below arewaiting for a family to call their own - could you be the family for them?

Children waiting for adoption

Please have a look at the Family For Me profiles of children we have who are all desperately waiting for a family to call their own. If you think you could parent these specific children and welcome them into your family, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We have divided our children waiting into three groups to guide those looking.

Sibling Groups

Nearly half of children awaiting adoption are sibling groups. "Those who play together, stay together". Brothers and Sisters have the most enduring of relationships – if they need to be separated it should be because it is better for them to have individual families. They shouldn’t be separated just because parents cannot be found who will be happy to take them together. Separating siblings can be very painful for all concerned and so we really must do our best to find them a family where they can stay together if that is the right thing for them. Do you think you could offer two or more siblings the chance to be part of your family, and to stay together?

Older Children

There is often a lot of myths about “older” children – that they are more “damaged” or difficult to parent. The truth is although the children may have experienced difficulties in their early life, how they are responding to this emotionally and behaviourally will be well known, and appropriate support can be put in place from the outset to help. The children have a good understanding of what they want and need in terms of parents, are able to play a part in engaging with the idea of a new family, and are often excited at the prospect of a new start. In truth, the definition of “older child” is really any child over the age of 4 years old. Which isn’t that old!

Disabled Children

If you are someone who has parented children with disabilities or additional needs, or who has worked with children who need additional support with a learning or physical disability, you are aware of what this entails . And you will also be aware of the sheer joy that these children can bring to a family. Yes there are practical issues, yes there are emotional ones (there are with all children after all) - but these children are worth it!! If you have had experience with children with disabilities, and think that you might be able to offer a child a new family of their own – why not see if adopting is a choice you could make?
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