Meet Kieron and Max

My Brother, my Friend?

Kieron aged 4 and his little brother Max aged 18 months are half-brothers who have a strong relationship. They have lived together since Max’s birth.

They are used to a busy household where various generations of the foster carers’ family visit regularly. The foster carer talks proudly as to how they get on with everyone!


Kieron is described by his carers as bright, lively and inquisitive.

They talk of how special it has been to be part of his development since coming into care. Kieron experienced neglect within his birth family, meaning that when he came into care aged 2 and a half he had no speech, this is improving daily due to the positive care and interaction he is receiving both at home with his foster carer and at nursery.

Nursery describes him as a social able little boy, who easily makes friends with other children, but who also thrives on adult interaction.

Kieron enjoys imaginative play and being read too. His favourite day includes an adventure in local woods and lots of yummy food. Kieron loves fruit and will choose it as a treat!

It is clear that Kieron enjoys being a big brother and seems to appreciate the age difference, when Max was younger he could often be found crawling around the floor with him trying to teach him words and new games.


Max has been in foster care with his brother since 3months old. Max is a gorgeous little boy of dual heritage (White British /Black Caribbean); however his complexion is very light.

Whilst it is thought that he experienced neglect during these firsts 3 months, he has been given the opportunity to develop strong and loving attachments with his brother, foster carer and their family ever since.

Max is a bright little boy whose development is age appropriate. Like his brother he loves his food- again particularly fruit!

He has a cheeky and engaging personality.

Could you be a family for Kieron and Max?

Their carer’s describe them as being a delight to care for, stating that they are just like any other brothers of their age – Max looks up to Kieron and they love to play together!

Meet Connor

Simply love and affection

Connor was born full term, however required a period in hospital due to exposure to his mother’s drug use during pregnancy. Despite this Connor is meeting all of his developmental milestones. Prior to his first birthday he was able to pull himself up to standing and take a few steps! He greets people with a smile and is able to wave goodbye to them. Connor is making good attachments to his care givers, who he has been with since July 2013. Whilst in this placement, Connor has experienced consistent and loving care which has allowed him to develop greatly in all areas. He is described as a relaxed and happy baby.

Caring for Connor

Connor loves his food and eats a good varied diet. He loves to play and is very sociable. He has an inquisitive personality and is very aware of his surroundings. He loves to explore his environment and will climb on furniture to get a good view out of the window! He also enjoys music and dancing. His foster carers describe him as a real water baby; he attends swimming lessons and enjoys bath time.

Connor also has a quieter side; he loves cuddles, music and being read to.

Connor has a complicated health history and will require some intensive treatment at around 3 years old. This will mean a commitment to attend with consultants and hospital appointments in. However, his health needs are being met well by his current carers and there are many positives for Connor from the medical professional’s involved.

Could you be a family for Connor?

Connor needs a family who will be able to understand and commit to what his health needs mean for him and for those caring for him.

Meet Kaitlin

A small voice with a big personality

Kaitlin is a happy, sweet child who engages all who meet her. Kaitlin is calm and contented; she enjoys listening to what goes on around her. Kaitlin has an easy going temperament, rarely cries and appears to get huge enjoyment from the simple pleasures in life. She responds with lots of smiles and noises to interaction of all kinds. Kaitlin has an infectious laugh and babbles happily with everyone. Kaitlin gets excited when nursery rhymes are sung to her; she loves all sensory experiences including lights, musical sounds, different voices and touch. She also loves swimming..

Caring for Kaitlin

Kaitlin has some disability and health needs that will impact on her throughout her life. She experienced severe neglect and due to this a complete failure to thrive in the first year of her life. However, Kaitlin is making wonderful developmental progress since being placed in a nurturing family home.

Kaitlin may have mobility and feeding difficulties in the long term although it is too early to say. At present Kaitlin has no speech, however her cheeky personality speaks volumes.

Kaitlin will need extra help from a number of people throughout her life; however this doesn’t prevent her being a happy and contented child. Kaitlin’s carers have experienced great pleasure and reward in seeing how their care has supported her in making some excellent developmental progress.

Kaitlin’s foster carer says she is a gorgeous bundle of fun, has smiles for everyone and is a delight to look after.

Could you be a family for Kaitlin?

Kaitlin will need a family who will love and support her to develop her full potential, with the ability to take on a level of uncertainty about what that potential might be.

Meet Leo and Evie

Leo and his twin sister Evie were born at 28 weeks gestation. At 4 years old Leo & Evie are dependent on each other and this is completely evident in their personalities, but due to their own specific needs, they do attend different learning settings.


Leo has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Despite this diagnosis Leo has progressed rapidly since being in his foster placement and it is felt by all involved in his care that he will overcome many of the obstacles he will face. His speech is becoming clearer allowing him to express himself and although he can become frustrated about his restricted movement he is now able to self-propel himself via an electronic wheelchair. Leo attends a specialist school and is progressing really well. His current experienced foster carer feels that Leo’s educational needs could be met in a mainstream school in the future. Leo’s teacher describes him as an “enthusiastic and eager child who is determined and confident”. Leo's foster carer talks about finding caring for Leo so rewarding he is a happy little chatter box with a lovely sunny nature, who is always willing to try new things”.

Leo enjoys the company of others especially adults and older children, he has a great sense of humour and can be very funny! He has a wonderful imagination and loves dressing up and talking on his pretend phone!


Evie is described by their foster carer as a” lively, bubbly little girl, who finds everything about life so exciting" "A real chatterbox whose enthusiasm for life and new experiences is infectious and a real joy”.

Evie has a wonderful cheeky laugh and smile with the most expressive face so you can tell exactly what she is thinking!

Evie has some minor development delay due to the neglect and lack of opportunities she had with her birth family. However Evie is making excellent progress in all areas of her development since being in her foster placement and attending her local preschool.

Could you be a family for Leo and Evie?

Leo and Evie are described by their foster carers as a ‘joy to care for’; their carers wish for them is that they find their new family soon, as they feel strongly that they deserve to be some ones 'little prince and princess’.

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