“Hello. I have exciting news! Families For Children have launched a new project, ‘Family for ’. This aims to find families for children who have been waiting the longest to be placed for adoption”.


Family For Me is an innovative project designed to find adoptive families for specific children who have been waiting for a for a long time to find a permanent family of their own.

The Family for Me project reaches out to people who have not yet considered adoption as a way of growing their family, and who are not currently approved as adopters. These might be people who have birth children who are growing up, or who have experienced looking after children with additional needs but have not previously considered giving a child a permanent home... could this be you?

Families for Children who run the project, have a wealth of expertise and experience in finding adoptive families for children who wait the longest.

So many times our children ask us ‘have you found my Mummy and Daddy yet?’ the minute we walk through the door. All we can say is ‘we haven’t found anyone special enough yet’.

Are you special enough?

The children who are waiting

There is now a growing number of younger children waiting to be placed with new permanent families. Whilst this is great news for many adopters who would prefer to adopt younger children, it means that brothers and sisters who need to be placed together, children of school age, Black and mixed heritage children and those who have health needs or disabilities, are waiting even longer! The reality is that for every approved adopter there are 3 children waiting for the right family.

The Family for Me project, run by Families For Children, aims to raise awareness of the children who are waiting the longest by featuring their anonymised profiles on our website. These profiles will include information about the children’s personalities along with real anecdotes about what it is like to care for them. We want people to read the profiles and to consider whether they could be the right family for the child – even if they are not yet approved as adopters.

Are you special enough for any of our children?

The Family For Me co-ordinator will have liaised closely with the professionals involved with the children and will have lots of information on the children, their likes, dislikes, and type of family they need. If you are interested in considering one of our featured Family For Me children, then your first port of call is to contact us through the Family For Me Website for a friendly, informal discussion. If you wish to proceed, then we will liaise with the child’s Local Authority to advise them of your interest, and will look at which agency is the best to undertake your adopter assessment (you will still need to become an approved adopter in the usual way – subject to all the usual checks, references and assessment - to have the child/ren placed with you – however you will be assessed with the particular Family For Me child in mind). Once you are approved, then arrangements are made for introductions and placement.

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