The children listed below arewaiting for a family to call their own - could you be the family for them?

Sibling Groups (Brothers & Sisters)

The placement of siblings (brothers and sisters) together is one of the biggest challenges in adoption today.

Nearly half of the children awaiting adoption are sibling groups and are looking for a family who could offer a loving home to a brother or sister as well. Most of these are groups of two children who want to stay together Research indicates that it is often in the best interests of the children that a sibling group stays together as separation could result in further traumatic experiences and anxiety for the child (ren).

Could you Adopt more than one Child?

Being able to Adopt a sibling group will very much depend on individual circumstances, relationship and support networks and whilst the idea of a ready-made family, can be appealing you may want to consider the points below;

* Do I have the space, time and energy to devote to more than one child?

* What might be the impact of two or more children joining the family?

* What support is available to adopters of sibling groups?

Family for Me is currently looking to place a number of sibling groups with loving, secure families. Click below to view profiles of some of the children who are waiting…

Our children

Meet Millie and Tommy

Millie and Tommy are happy children, who love attention from adults and enjoy being outdoors. They are a healthy, energetic pair who in the main have a strong relationship

Meet Kieron and Lola

Kieron aged 4, and his little sister Lolo aged 2, have a strong relationship. They are affectionate and caring to each other and enjoy each other’s company

Meet Katie, Zoe and Billy

At 4 and 3 years old Katie and Zoe developed a close relationship and they play well together. As their brother Billy, age 2 has grown the children have started to bond as siblings.