“Hello. I have exciting news! Families For Children have launched a new project, ‘Family for ’. This aims to find families for children who have been waiting the longest to be placed for adoption”.


The project is being run by Katey and myself, who both currently work within Families for Children Voluntary Adoption Agency.

Katey’s background is in the recruitment of potential adopters whilst I am a social worker.

My background is in Local Authority children’s social work. I have spent a lot of my social work career working with older children and teenagers who were once the children waiting for adoption – the ones whose search was not successful. As a result they have spent their life being looked after in care and the reality of this is hard hitting:- no base, no one person who has always been there for them.

I’ve also been the social worker looking for adopters for children who were harder to place, having children ask me ‘have you found my Mummy and Daddy yet?’ the minute I walk through the door. All I could say is ‘we haven’t found anyone special enough yet’.

The children who are waiting

Due to recent changes in legislation and procedures, there is now a growing number of younger children waiting to be placed. Whilst this is great news for many adopters who would prefer to adopt younger children, it means that brothers and sisters who need to be placed together, children of school age, Black and mixed heritage children and those who have health needs or disabilities are waiting even longer! The reality is that for every approved adopter there are 4 children waiting for the right family.

The Family for Me project hopes to raise awareness of the children who are waiting the longest and will play an important role in finding families for the children we know are waiting.

Our website features anonymised profiles of the children we are trying to find families for, which will include information about the children’s personalities along with real anecdotes about what it is like to care for them, to try and encourage people to consider whether they could be the right family for the child.

Are you special enough for any of our children?

It is my role within the Family for Me project to really get to know the children, their needs, and try and find the right family for them.This will include undertaking adoption assessments of families that come forward to consider whether they have what it takes.